Due North® Sole Grips

The Due North® Sole Grips are the original adhesive-backed, treaded sole developed to reduce slipping of smooth soled footwear, and are ideal for those who need added traction while walking on wet or dry slippery surfaces. Before applying Due North® Sole Grips to new or used shoes, make sure sole area where product is to be applied is clean, dry and free of debris. For best results, clean sole surface with rubbing alcohol prior to application and allow sole to dry completely. To apply, remove paper backing and position Sole Grip, centering it on the front part of the sole. Push down firmly when properly positioned. Product may be trimmed to fit prior to application.

Product Features:

  • Designed with 3M™ Safety Walk™ material for superior slip resistance.
  • Unique design provides added traction on both men's and women's dress shoes

"The Due North® Sole Grips work great on the bottom of my heels. They give me that little extra grip that I need to make me feel confident when I'm out and about. I've recommended them to many of my friends."
- Cindy Ialson, New York, New York

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Safety Information 

WARNING: No product can completely prevent a slip or fall on slippery surfaces, so remember to exercise care when walking or running in Due North® Sole Grips. Caution should be taken when moving on any hard or polished surfaces, such as granite or marble.


"I love the Due North® Sole Grips! They are perfect for my walks to and from work."
- Katie Vitton, San Francisco, California

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