Traction Aids

All Purpose Oversized Traction Aid

The Due North® All Purpose Oversized Traction Aids are specially designed with a deeper toe box and wider sole, making them ideal for those who work or play outdoors and require additional traction while wearing oversized footwear.

Product Features:

  • All the same features as the Due North® All Purpose Traction Aid but designed for use on oversized/bulky work footwear and boots, including extreme temperature Pac boots.

Product Color: Black

Product Sizes: OVERSIZED (Fits Oversized /Bulky Boots and Pac Boots sizes 10+ or Standard Footwear 13.5-15) Click here to view size chart.

Everyday Size Chart

"Since receiving my pair of Due North® All Purpose Oversized Traction Aids, I use them every time I go out ice fishing. They are fantastic. The people I have fished with, outdoor writers, TV hosts and friends, thought they were easy to use, and you really GOT A GRIP on the ice but still had the comfort of your boots, instead of the bulky arch breaking ice cleat that straps on or slides onto your boot. I have now incorporated them into my slide presentation and articles I write."
- Mark Martin, Professional Fisherman

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Safety Information 

WARNING: Due North® Traction Aids help give you traction when you are on the move on ice and snow. However, because no product can completely prevent a slip or fall on slippery surfaces, remember to exercise care when walking or running in Due North® Traction Aids. Caution should be taken when moving on any hard or polished surfaces, such as granite or marble, on ladders or when driving a vehicle. Use care, as these traction aids are sharp and may injury or damage flooring, surfaces or skin. Due North® Traction Aids are not to be used for mountaineering and/or hiking, in rocky terrain, or when the user may encounter steep up or down slopes. Due North® Traction Aids are not designed or intended to be used on high heel footwear. Prolonged usage may stain light-colored footwear. This product contains latex.


"This winter in Portland Oregon has been the worst in 40 years. I gave my son a pair of the (everyday traction devices) for his shoes and they saved him from falling. He has just had a complete ACL re-build and these devices enabled him to get around safely. Thank You Due North."


"Fit great over my ice fishing boots. They keep you on your feet!"


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