Value, Superior Design and Function

Product Designs that Deliver:

Since the day we were founded, Sure Foot® has become a leader in the shoe products industry, and for over twenty-five years we have continued to prove that great things come in small packages. Our products, inspired by necessity, simplicity and love for the outdoors, are all based on original concepts with a focus on value, superior design and function. Since our first product debuted in 1984, we've launched a stream of innovative products ranging from Specialty Adhesives to Winter Traction Aids. Whether it's for the casual athlete, the demanding outdoor enthusiast or the progressive manufacturer, our products are designed to excel in a variety of elements for all-purpose and everyday use, and we take pride in our use of quality materials that deliver the best results.

Traction Aids:

Due North® Traction Aids (formerly known as Get-A-Grip) are equipped with innovative, replaceable Ice Diamond™ Tungsten Carbide spikes to give you more confidence to walk and run on icy and snowy conditions. A variety of styles are available to accommodate various activities, weather conditions and budgets. Click on the product tabs listed above for a more detailed description of the Due North® Traction Aids, and the additional products that we provide.

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